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Virosan 100 ml

520 грн (~€16)
  Virosan 100 ml Description: Virosan for disinfection of livestock buildings 100 ml of the preparation contain alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride –

Virosan 1L

1249 грн (~€39)
  Virosan, 1 liter Detergent – disinfectant. Manufacturer: Biotestlab LLC, Ukraine. Composition: per 100 ml of the preparation: alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride

Ecocide C 2.5 kg

2183 грн (~€69)
  Ecocide C, 2.5 kg Description: Disinfection of objects of veterinary. supervision and prevention of infectious diseases in animals and

Ecocide C 1 kg

1365 грн (~€43)
Ecocide C 1 kg Ecocid C, 1 kg is a highly active disinfectant for safe and effective protection against many

Ecocide C 50 g

459 грн (~€14)
Ecocide C, 50 g Description Fine-grained powder of pink-gray color with a lemon scent, readily soluble in water. Structure 100

Virosan MAX 10 liters

6627 грн (~€209)
Virosan MAX 10 liters Description Specifications Downloads (0) Description Clear liquid from colorless to dark brown color with a characteristic