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Mexidolvet for dogs and cats – 10 amp for injection

1128 грн (~€30)
Prescribed to dogs and cats for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes independently and in complex therapy for acute and chronic cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary insufficiency, acute pyoinflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity (acute necrotizing pancreatitis, peritonitis), in order to prevent anesthetic and post-narcotic complications , in the post-traumatic and postoperative periods, including with traumatic brain injuries, with pathology of the skin (dermatitis, eczema, trophic ulcers and wounds), to improve the condition of the skin and hair, in veterinary geriatrics (caring for old animals) with age dysfunctions of the animal's body (sluggish chronic diseases, neurodermatitis, dermatitis associated with impaired peripheral circulation).

UpCard 3 mg 10 tablets

1650 грн (~€43)
UpCard 3 mg, 10 tab (torasemide) International non-proprietary name: torasemide. Dosage form: tablets for oral use. In appearance, UpCard is

PIMOPET 5mg tabs 100

3731 грн (~€98)
PimoPet 5 mg 100 tab  Ingredients Pimobendan. PimoPet 5 mg 100 tab. for dogs with heart failure – is an

Canina Herz-Vital 100 ml (Cardio)

1908 грн (~€50)
Canina Herz-Vital 100 ml,  cardiovascular system drug This product was created together with the leading veterinary cardiologists in Europe to

Vetmedin 1.25 mg. 50 tab.

2643 грн (~€70)
Vetmedin 1.25 mg. 50 tabs Vetmedin (Pimobendan) 1.25 mg. 50 tab. is a highly effective drug for the  treatment of

KardioDol (Dolfos) syrup for dogs and cats, 250 ml

1606 грн (~€42)
KardioDol (Dolfos), syrup for dogs and cats, 250 ml About product CARDIODOL DOLFOS CARDIODOL DOLFOS cardioprotector for dogs and cats,

Vetmedyn® Vetmedin 10 mg chewable tabs №100

14384 грн (~€379)
  Vetmedyn & reg; Chu 10 mg (Vetmedin & reg; Chew 10mg) chewable tablets №100 Vetmedin is a canine drug

Vetmedyn® Chu 1,25 mg chewable tabs №100

4069 грн (~€107)
Vetmedyn & reg; Chu 1.25 mg (Vetmedin & reg; Chew 1,25 mg) Chewable №100 Description Vetmedin (Vetmedin) 1.25 mg. 50

KardioVet (CardioVet) for dogs, 90 tabs

2441 грн (~€64)
KardioVet (CardioVet) for dogs 90 Table Benefits of CardioVet: Promotes normal blood flow Regulates heart rate and rhythm Improves heart

Vetmedyn® Vetmedin 5 mg chewable tabs №100

8483 грн (~€223)
  Vetmedyn & reg; Chew 5 mg (Vetmedin & reg; Chew 5 mg) Chewable №100 Description Vetmedin Chew 5 mg

Kofeyinofarm 10 ml

501 грн (~€13)
  Kofeyinofarm 10 ml Description Transparent colorless liquid. Structure 1 ml of the drug contains the active ingredient: caffeine sodium