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Oxytocin 10 UNITS Solution for injection BF 100 ml

Oxytocin 10 UNITS (hormone pitocin) Solution for injection, 100ml (3.38 oz) Hormone for intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous injection Oxytocin is used to

Gonalin, (gonadorelin acetate) Solution for injection 30 ml (10ml*3pcs)

Gonalin, (gonadorelin acetate) Solution for injection 30 ml (10ml*3pcs) Storage 1 ml of the drug contains: gonadorelin acetate – 0.05

Sexanet for Cats and Dogs, 5 ml (contraceptive)

Sexanet (megestrol acetate) – contraceptive for cats and dogs for sale Sexanet 5 ml for cats is an effective, high-quality

Galapan D – Cloprostenol 20 ml

Galapan D – Cloprostenol, 20 ml Release form, composition, and packaging Solution for injection is colorless. 1 ml D-cloprostenol (sodium

Estrofan 10 x 2ml

Estrofan, 10 x 2 ml (cloprostenol) Storage: 1 ml of the drug contains the active substance: cloprostenol (in the form

Chorulon (gonadotropin) solution 5 ml

Chorulon (gonadotropin) solution, 5 ml Trade name of the veterinary medicinal product: Chorulon®. International non-proprietary name – chorionic gonadotropin. Dosage

Sexanet for dogs, 10 ml

Sexanet for dogs, 10 ml Description Seksanet 10ml for dogs is an effective, high-quality domestic product for use in veterinary