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Kelion 500ml

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KELION 500 ml insectoacaricidal agent  The insectoacaricidal agent KELION is effective against adults of harmful flying insects (flies, midges), crawling

Muhotsyd spray 50ml

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Muhotsyd spray 50ml Structure 100 ml of the preparation contains active ingredients: diethyltoluamide 20 g. Excipients: sanovet-95; propylene glycol; camphor;

Agita 10 WG kill flies, 100 g

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Agita 10 WG 100 g kill flies Agita 10 WG – insecticidal agent to kill winged flies, cockroaches, fleas and

AGITA 10 WG – kill flies, 400 g

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AGITA 10 WG 400g kill flies, 400 g (Thiamethoxam) Product information AGITA 10 WG is a new bait insecticide for