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Kelion 500ml

KELION 500 ml insectoacaricidal agent  The insectoacaricidal agent KELION is effective against adults of harmful flying insects (flies, midges), crawling

Muhotsyd spray 50ml

Muhotsyd spray 50ml Structure 100 ml of the preparation contains active ingredients: diethyltoluamide 20 g. Excipients: sanovet-95; propylene glycol; camphor;

Agita 10 WG kill flies, 100 g

Agita 10 WG 100 g kill flies Agita 10 WG – insecticidal agent to kill winged flies, cockroaches, fleas and

AGITA 10 WG – kill flies, 400 g

AGITA 10 WG 400g kill flies, 400 g (Thiamethoxam) Product information AGITA 10 WG is a new bait insecticide for