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Brovermectin 3.5 mg (Ivermectin) antiparasitic powder 100g

710 грн (~€23)
Ivermectin 3.5 mg powder
For the treatment and control of various nematodes, mature and larval forms of nematodes. Please see the instruction.

Gonalin, (gonadorelin acetate) Solution for injection 30 ml (10ml*3pcs)

762 грн (~€25)
Gonalin, (gonadorelin acetate) Solution for injection 30 ml (10ml*3pcs) Storage 1 ml of the drug contains: gonadorelin acetate – 0.05

Fenbendazole Ultra 200 mg Panacur dewormer powder 100g

473 грн (~€16)
Fenbendazole Ultra 200 mg Panacur dewormer powder 100g Storage 1 g of the drug contains: fenbendazole – 200 mg Description

Brovermectin 1% (Ivermectin 10 mg) Solution for injection 100ml

888 грн (~€29)
Brovermectin 1% (Ivermectin 10 mg) Solution for injection 100ml Ivermectin refers to a chemical group of macrocyclic lactones. The pharmacological

Profiverm 1% (Ivermectin 10mg) EU Solution for injection 100ml

942 грн (~€31)
Ivermectin 10 mg/ml (analog Duramectin) 100ml СOMPOSITION 1 ml contains active substances: ivermectin – 10 mg; excipients – up to

Loksik 2%, 100 ml

637 грн (~€21)
Loxic 2%, 100 ml Structure: 1 ml of the drug contains the active ingredient: meloxicam – 20 mg. Excipients: ethanol,

Brovermectin gel (Ivermectin) Horse Wormer 60 ml

746 грн (~€24)
Brovermectin gel Horse Wormer contains Ivermectin, 60 ml Storage 1 ml of the drug contains: ivermectin – 4 mg Description


734 грн (~€24)
Oxytocin 10 I.U. injectable

hormone of the hypothalamus, which consists of pentapeptydnoho cycle and side chain residues of three amino acids that accumulate in the posterior pituitary. It increases the permeability of sodium myofibrils uterus, stimulating its contraction. Threshold oxytocin induced contractions of the uterus decreases during pregnancy, high estrogen or if the animal has already begun delivery.

Oxytocin is decomposed in the gastrointestinal tract, so it should be administered parenterally. After intramuscular administration of the drug effect observed after 3-5 minutes.

Piperazine-45 water-soluble powder anthelmintic 150 g

600 грн (~€20)
Piperazine-45 water-soluble powder anthelmintic 150 g Broad-spectrum anthelmintic. It is used for the treatment and prevention of worm infestations in

Kanamycin 25% Injection (kanamycin 250 mg) 100 ml

786 грн (~€26)
Kanamycin 25%, 100 ml, Alfasan Storage 1 ml of the drug contains the active substance: kanamycin sulfate ……. 250 mg.

Pharmastar 200 (Tylosin tartrate 200mg) Solution for Injection 100ml

879 грн (~€29)
Tylosin  200 (Tylan) Pharmastar 200mg injectable for dogs, for cats, for chickens  Active substance Tylosin (tylan) 200 injection: Tylosine tartrate,

Fosprenil, 50 ml

1202 грн (~€39)
Fosprenil, 50 ml Structure The drug Fosprenil is a phosphorylation product of needle polyprenols. The main component is the disodium

Terramycin Spray (Oxytetracycline) 150ml ZTS

742 грн (~€24)
Terramycin Spray (Oxytetracycline) Zoetis An antibiotic spray of the tetracyclines group of local external action for the treatment of dogs

Brovadazol 200 (fenbendazole) powder wormer 1000g

3303 грн (~€108)
Brovadazol 200 (fenbendazole/panacur) powder dewormer 1000g Powder for oral use (Fenbendazole) DESCRIPTION 1 g of the drug contains: fenbendazole –

Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Suspension Oral Wormer 100ml

473 грн (~€16)
Fenbendazole 10% Liquid
Fenbendazole, has a wide spectrum of anthelmintic action, is active against nematodes, trematodes and cestodes parasitizing in animals. Fenbendazole is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. The mechanism of action of fenbendazole is a metabolic disorder, inhibition of fumarate reductase activity and the synthesis of ATP parasite, which leads to the death of helminths. According to the degree of toxic effects on the body, it belongs to low-hazard substances, in the recommended doses it does not have a mutagenic, carcinogenic and locally irritating effect. It is excreted mainly with feces. Application: Dehelmintization of animals during dictiocauliasis, hematosis, ostertagia, trichostrongiasis, nematodirosis, cooperiosis, esophagostomiasis, moniesiosis and fascioliasis.

Dax CCD, 100 ml

590 грн (~€19)
Dax CCD, 100 ml Dexa is a drug presented by the manufacturer in the form of a solution for injection.

Dax-Cal 02 100 ml

850 грн (~€28)
Dax-Cal 02 100ml Structure: Dexamethasone phosphate – eq. 2 mg dexamethasone, fillers up to 1 ml. Pharmaceutical form: Sterile aqueous injection

KEFEN 10% INJECTION 100ml BF ( Ketoprofen )

900 грн (~€30)
Kefan 10% (ketoprofen) (Ketofen analog)
Ketoprofen is a substance from the group of carboxylic acids, derivatives of propionic acid. The mechanism of action is to inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins and thromboxane and is based on disruption of arachidonic acid metabolism. In therapeutic doses, ketoprofen inhibits mainly COX-II and partially COX-I, providing anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic and antiendotoxic effects. After a single intramuscular injection, the maximum concentration of ketoprofen in blood plasma is observed after 30 minutes. Ketoprofen is excreted mainly by the kidneys. Indication Treatment of cattle, pigs, horses in acute or chronic inflammatory processes of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, dislocation, edema, tendovaginitis, trauma, infectious lesions of the hooves), respiratory organs, metritis-mastitis-agalactia, various forms of mastitis, pain of various etiologies (surgery, trauma, colic). Used as an antipyretic in diseases accompanied by hyperthermia and depression.

Brovermectin 1% (Ivermectin) Solution for injection 50 ml

780 грн (~€26)
Brovermectin 1% (Ivermectin) injectable
Ivermectin refers to a chemical group of macrocyclic lactones. The pharmacological action of the drug is to block neural impulses between interneurons and motor neurons in the ventral excitatory stem parasites, which leads to paralysis and death. Application Treatment and prevention of bovine animals, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, dogs, rabbits, poultry (chickens, turkeys, pigeons, parrots, quail, pheasants)    

Oxytetracycline eye ointment for DOGS / CATS (50g)

409 грн (~€13)
Oxytetracycline eye ointment 50g (TERRAMYCIN analog) Description Ointment from light yellow to yellow-brown color. Storage 1 g of the drug

Calcenon 100 ml

772 грн (~€25)
Calcenon. Mineral complex for pigs, cows, horses, sheeps, cattles, goats (for injection).
Indicated in agricultural animals for prevention and treatment of: tetany ( tetany during pregnancy and lactation periods, transit  tetany, grass sickness, etc); postparturient paresis and paresis caused by calcium  or phosphorus deficiency; calcium/phosporus/magnesium exchange disorders (rickets, osteopathy, halisteresis, pregnancy, etc); oxonemia; lead/fluorine/oxalic acid poisoning (as an adjuvant therapy in combination with other treatment); toxicosis, allergy, bleeding diathesis, hematuria, hemoglobulinuria.

Macrolan-200 (Tylosin tartrate 200mg) Solution for Injection 100 ml

924 грн (~€30)
Macrolan-200 (Tylosin tartrate 200mg) Solution for Injection Description: Sterile transparent solution for injection of yellowish color. Ingredients: 1 ml of

Oftalmostar gel (Ivermectin,Tylosin tartrate,Xeroform) 12ml (4ml*3pcs)

737 грн (~€24)
Oftalmostar gel  
Treatment of animals (cattle, dogs, rabbits) eye diseases of parasitic and microbial etiology: thelaziosis of cattle; blepharitis, acute catarrhal, purulent, follicular conjunctivitis; superficial keratitis; keratoconjunctivitis (rickettsial) of infectious or associative invasive-infectious (thelaziosis -microbial) etiology  

METRONIDAZOLE 250 mg antimicrobial 100 tablets

615 грн (~€20)
Metronidazole 250mg (Fish Zole) Treatment of cattle, sheep, pigs, fur animals, dogs, cats and poultry patients with trichomoniasis, dysentery, diarrhea, colitis,