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Loopy pet store discount system

Become our regular customer!
In order to get a 10% discount, you need to register in your personal account and accumulate
orders in the amount of 5 thousand UAH.
Please note that discounts do not apply to products marked ``*`` Your card can also be used by
other customers (relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.) to quickly bring You closer to the next
discount. Order history is kept both electronically and in writing. The amount of purchases is
entered into the customer base and linked to the phone number, so please leave the same
phone number or report any changes so that no further misunderstandings arise. Use of
discounts of other pet stores If you have a discount card of another online pet store, it is valid
with us. Please, if you find a product cheaper in another store, we are ready to sell it at the price
of our colleagues. Feel free to dial the phone number you see on the main page of the site!