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MultiVit А,D3,Е,B 100ml ( vitamin D3,Vitamin А,Vitamin Е,Vitamins B )

Multi Vitamin injectable
1 ml of the drug contains active substances: Vitamin A – 15,000 IU; vitamin D3 – 1000 IU; vitamin E – 20 mg; vitamin B1 – 10 mg; Vitamin B2 – 6.85 mg; vitamin B6 – 3 mg; vitamin B12 – 0.05 mg; nicotinamide – 35 mg; panthenol – 25 mg; Prevention and treatment of avitaminosis, hypovitaminosis, metabolic disorders, rickets, osteomalacia, xerophthalmia, stress conditions caused by parasitic or infectious diseases, vaccination, transportation, changes in the diet of feeding; to increase immunity; stimulation of growth and development of the young and reproductive function of the breeding stock.     

8in1 Excel Deter Coprophagia tablets that wean dogs and puppies from the habit of eating feces.

8in1 Excel Deter Coprophagia for Dogs, 100 tablets Excel Deter best supplement to stop dogs from eating poop Supplement for

Butasal 100 immunity booster (catosal) 100 ml

Butasal – 100 (CATOSAL analog)  VITAMIN B12 butaphosphan+cyanocobalamin, 100 ml Description: Sterile solution for injection. Clear pink solution for parenteral

VetExpert VETOSKIN drug for skin diseases for dogs and cats 90 caps

VetExpert VETOSKIN drug for skin diseases for dogs and cats Designed for dogs and cats with dermatological disorders that need

Bonharen Solution for Dogs, Cats, Horses, 6 ml

Bonharen Solution for Dogs, Cats, Horses, 6 ml Bonharen drug intended for the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis and tendovaginitis of non-infectious

Ringer’s Solution Lactate 250 ml

Ringer’s Solution Lactate, 250ml Storage 1 ml of the drug contains: sodium chloride – 6.32 mg potassium chloride – 0.4

Aminosol (immunomodulator) for all types of animals 250 ml

Aminosol Oral Solution for Cattle, Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Horses and other animals, 250 ml Convalescence, reproduction, periods of increased physical output

Gamavit 100 ml

Gamavit 100 ml: optimizes metabolic processes (protein, vitamin and minerals) Composition and form of release Gamavit – a complex drug,

Vitafarm E-selenium Solution (vitamin E, selenite) 100 ml

Vitafarm E-selenium Solution, 100 ml Description: Transparent colorless or slightly yellowish liquid with opalescence. Storage: 1 ml of the drug

Ringer’s Solution Locke 200ml

Ringer’s Solution Locke, 200ml Ringer’s Solution  (Ringer-Locke’s solution) is a drug as a solution for injections, containing sodium chloride, potassium chloride,

Anti-inflammatory drops for eyes and nose 10 ml (Divopride)

Instructions for use of the drug Divopride anti-inflammatory drops for eyes and nose of dogs and cats (10 ml) A

CardioVet Vet Expert for dogs with heart disease 90 tablets

CardioVet Vet Expert, 90 tab. – drug for dogs with heart disease CardioVet is a specially formulated vitamin supplement for

Hyaluronan (10 mg/ml), 6 ml

Hyaluronan 10 mg / ml, 6 ml (sodium hyaluronate) Composition 1 ml of solution for injection contains: sodium hyaluronate –

Iron, 100 ml

Iron, 100 ml (trivalent iron, folic acid, cyanocobalamin, Vitamin B12) Composition 1 ml of the drug contains active substances (mg):

Catosal 10% immunity booster metabolic stimulant 300 ml

CATOSAL 10%  VITAMIN B12 butaphosphan+cyanocobalamin, 300 ml Catosal VITAMIN B12 metabolic stimulant and tonic Structure: 100 ml of the preparation contains the following

Vitafarm Stimul Solution for injection glucose ascorbic acid 200 ml

Solution for injection glucose monohydrate – 50 mg / ascorbic acid – 10 mg , 200 ml Description: Clear colorless

Calcenon (calcium) 100 ml

Calcenon (calcium gluconate) 100ml This product is made as a generic drug. All the necessary preclinical and clinical studies were

UrinoMet Mini for dogs and cats 60 tabs

Review Dolfos UrinoMet Mini Tablets for adjusting the acidity of urine for small breeds and cats, 60 tablets. Urinomet is

Calcium chloride solution of 200 ml 10%

Calcium chloride solution 10% 200 ml Description: Transparent colorless liquid. Storage: 1 ml of the drug contains the active substance

Gamavit 10 ml

Gamavit 10 ml Gamavit, 10 ml is a complex preparation that normalizes metabolic processes, neutralizes the effect of toxins, has

Vitapharm Multi 200 ml (ADE + Group B)

Vitapharm multi (ADE + group B), 200 ml Description: Light brown to reddish brown transparent liquid with possible opalescence. Structure:

Hepakarnitol (Carnitine) 50ml (10ml*5pcs)

Hepakarnitol (Carnitine) 50ml (10ml*5pcs) Structure 1.0 ml of feed additive contains active ingredients: carnitine hydrochloride 25.0 mg DL-methionine 10.0 mg

Sodium chloride solution 0.9% – 250 ml

Sodium chloride solution 0.9% – 250 ml Structure 1 ml of the drug contains: sodium chloride – 9 mg Description

VetExpert ArthroVet HA Complex 90 tablets

VetExpert ArthroVet HA Complex, 90 tablets VetExpert ArthroVet HA Complex (Arthrovet Complex) is used for dogs, both for the prevention