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Calcium chloride solution of 200 ml 10%

373 грн (~€12)
Calcium chloride solution 10% 200 ml Description: Transparent colorless liquid. Storage: 1 ml of the drug contains the active substance

Introvit (Introvit), 100 ml

710 грн (~€22)
Introvit (interchemie) Vitamin injection
Introvit is a well balanced combination of essential vitamins and amino acids for cattle, goats, sheep and swine. Introvit is used for: - Prevention or treatment of vitamin or amino acid deficiencies in farm animals. - Prevention or treatment of stress (caused by vaccination, diseases, transport, high humidity, high temperatures or extreme temperature changes). - Improvement of feed conversion.

MultiVit А,D3,Е,B 100ml ( vitamin D3,Vitamin А,Vitamin Е,Vitamins B )

829 грн (~€26)
Multi Vitamin injectable
1 ml of the drug contains active substances: Vitamin A – 15,000 IU; vitamin D3 – 1000 IU; vitamin E – 20 mg; vitamin B1 – 10 mg; Vitamin B2 – 6.85 mg; vitamin B6 – 3 mg; vitamin B12 – 0.05 mg; nicotinamide – 35 mg; panthenol – 25 mg; Prevention and treatment of avitaminosis, hypovitaminosis, metabolic disorders, rickets, osteomalacia, xerophthalmia, stress conditions caused by parasitic or infectious diseases, vaccination, transportation, changes in the diet of feeding; to increase immunity; stimulation of growth and development of the young and reproductive function of the breeding stock.     

Canvit CHONDRO MAXI dog 230 g (76 tab.) – supplement for the health of the joints of dogs

1514 грн (~€48)

8in1 Exel Brewers Yeast food supplement for dogs 140 tabl

612 грн (~€19)
Vitamins for dogs 8in1 Excel Brewers Yeast (8in1 Excel Brewers East), 140 tablets. Complex supplement containing brewer’s yeast and garlic,

Bonharen (Bonharen), 6 ml

2977 грн (~€94)
Bonharen Bonharen, 6 ml Sucked and release form Bonharen is a drug in the form of a 1% solution for

Ringer-Locke solution of 200 ml

499 грн (~€16)
Ingera-Lokka solution, 200 ml Structure: Ringer-Locke’s solution is a combined drug in the form of a solution for injection containing

Gamavit 6 ml

435 грн (~€14)
Gamavit 6 ml Gamavit Gamavit antiviral immunomodulator for animals 6 ml Gamavit is a unique complex preparation with a perfectly

Treat for cats with malt-paste Beaphar Malthearts 150 pcs (Copy)

550 грн (~€17)
Treat for cats with malt-paste Beaphar Malthearts 150 pcs Means for removing wool from the stomach. Delicious heart-shaped treat with

Calcenon 100 ml

772 грн (~€24)
Calcenon. Mineral complex for pigs, cows, horses, sheeps, cattles, goats (for injection).
Indicated in agricultural animals for prevention and treatment of: tetany ( tetany during pregnancy and lactation periods, transit  tetany, grass sickness, etc); postparturient paresis and paresis caused by calcium  or phosphorus deficiency; calcium/phosporus/magnesium exchange disorders (rickets, osteopathy, halisteresis, pregnancy, etc); oxonemia; lead/fluorine/oxalic acid poisoning (as an adjuvant therapy in combination with other treatment); toxicosis, allergy, bleeding diathesis, hematuria, hemoglobulinuria.

ArthroKolagen (Dolfos) for dogs, 90 tab

1423 грн (~€45)
Type-II Collagen, Green-lipped Mussel, Chondroitin, HA, and Vitamin C
The formula contains type-II collagen, Hyaluronic acid (HA), Chondroitin and New Zealand mussel (green-lipped mussel) – components of the cartilage and the synovial fluid. Omega-3 acids aid joints and bones. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant which is important to the synthesis of collagen and maintains the structure of tissues and organs including skin, bones and blood vessels. This product is recommended for young growing dogs to maintain healthy joints.

Dia Dog & Cat, 5 g tablet

886 грн (~€28)
Dia dog&cat is a new veterinary drug for treatment of acute diarrhoea (diarrhea) in cats and dogs. The treatment must begin at the first signs of the condition – prolonged diarrhoea may lead to dehydration and even death of your pet. In contrast to other drugs, Dia Dog & Cat includes a balanced mixture of natural ingredients. They help with symptomatic treatment of acute diarrhoea in animals, inactivating whatever toxic substances are present in the intestines, replenishing the water and electrolytes lost, restoring intestinal microflora, and facilitating recovery. Dia Dog & Cat relieves symptoms of diarrhoea and improves your pet's general state within two days. Supplexan GmbH.,Germany

Seyevit Vit 1L ( Sodium selenite,Vitamin Е )

1732 грн (~€55)
Seyevit Vit - 1L - oral solution (Vitamin E + sodium selenite) Vitamin E (tocopherol) is involved in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids, inhibit the oxidation of lipids and prevents the formation of peroxide compounds, aldehydes, and ketones, promotes cellular lysosomal and mitochondrial membranes, increases the biological effect of vitamins A and D. For lack of membrane permeability increased tocopherol that promotes the elimination of various enzymes in the blood, which increase the toxic effect of peroxide compounds. Selenium is part of the enzyme – glutathione. For lack of selenium, enzyme activity is reduced and, consequently, accumulate in the body 2 peroxides that cause degenerative changes in the myocardium, skeletal muscle, and liver.    

Seyevit injection 100ml *injection ( Sodium selenite,Vitamin Е )

758 грн (~€24)
Seyevit - Solution for injection Vitamin E + sodium selenite
Vitamin E is a biological antioxidant that protects cells from damage by free radicals, is involved in fat metabolism, the formation of cell membranes, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and also provides cellular respiration, increases overall resistance of the body, stimulates the reproductive function of animals. Selenium is a microelement of antioxidant defense of the organism that is part of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which protects membrane structures, mitochondria from peroxide lipid oxidation, has a strong immunostimulating effect, is part of the enzymes of selenoproteins, hormones, and greatly contributes to the absorption of vitamin E.

Ferolife+VitSolut 100 ml

639 грн (~€20)
Ferolife Solution for injection (Iron + Vitamins)
Ferolife + Vit has a high biological activity when administered parenterally, it activates redox reactions, increases the nonspecific resistance of the organism, normalizes the water-salt and vitamin metabolism. B vitamins stimulate blood formation processes, in combination with iron dextran they enhance erythropoiesis. Amino acid-peptide complex normalizes and activates the metabolism, restores the protein composition of the blood, the immune system, and also accelerates the increase in body weight. Amino acids, peptides and trace elements that make up the drug, show synergism of action, thereby enhancing the action of each other.

Veda Phytoelita CLEAN SKIN tablets for cats and dogs, 50 tablets.

478 грн (~€15)
Phytoelita CLEAN SKIN tablets for cats and dogs   Medicinal product for the prevention and treatment of skin diseases in

Phytoelita Cytostat for cats and dogs, 50 tablets

478 грн (~€15)
Phytoelita “Cytostat” is a herbal medicine for the prevention of malignant neoplasms of the mammary gland in cats and dogs. It

Phytoelita Metastop, 50 tab

488 грн (~€15)
PHYTOELITA® METASTOP drug for suppressing metastasis in cats and dogs Herbal medicinal product designed to prevent the spread of metastases

Tablets for the treatment of heart failure in dogs Cymedica HartMedin 10 mg 30 tablets

858 грн (~€27)
Description Trade name drug: HartMedin ®  tablets (HeartMedin ®  tablets). International non-proprietary name: Pimobendan. increases the heart’s ability to pump

Virbac Pronefra 180 ml for cats and dogs

3337 грн (~€105)
Virbac Pronefra 180 ml for cats and dogs Pronefra 4 in 1 is an oral suspension for the treatment of

Cardishur 1.25 mg 10 tab

623 грн (~€20)
Cardishur .25 mg No. 10, in tablet form, is a complete analogue of Vetmedin 1.25 mg 100 capsules. The active

Printing Polidex Gelabon plus. Polydex Gelabon plus 150 tab.

1128 грн (~€36)
Printing Polidex Gelabon plus. Polydex Gelabon plus 150 tab. Polydex effectively prevents diseases of cartilaginous surfaces, strengthens ligaments and joints,

Printing Polidex Gelabon plus. Polydex Gelabon plus (300 tab)

1748 грн (~€55)
Printing Polidex Gelabon plus. Polydex Gelabon plus (300 tab) COMPOSITION AND FORM OF ISSUE Vitamin A – 125 IU, Vitamin

POLYDEX GELABON PLUS 500tab 1 for 5kg

1706 грн (~€54)
POLYDEX GELABON PLUS 500tab 1 for 5kg Gelabon plus is a high-quality effective drug intended for the prevention of diseases